We use glass bottles and both the 10 mL and 30mL bottles come with a roller ball for ease of application. Our bottles can be carried in your purse, gym bag, back pack and are perfect for travel. 

Our perfume oils are alcohol free. The oils are extracted from raw fragrant materials. 

Our perfume oils do not contain alcohol and are the base of the perfumes you over pay for in department stores. Perfume oils are more concentrated and tend to last longer than alcohol based perfumes. 

MyOilPerfume's 3 Step Process to applying perfume oils:

1. Roll-on perfume oil directly onto your skin: Oils can sometimes stain fabric, thus it is best to apply directly roll small amounts of oil onto your skin. 

2. Apply perfume oil on pulse points after a warm shower: Perfume oils linger when they are warm. Utilize your body heat and apply your perfume oils at the following pulse points:


- Neck

- Behind Ears

- Inner Elbows/Knees

3. Apply perfume oils 30 minutes before you leave: Applying the oil early will allow your natural body chemistry to interact and settle in with your perfume oil. 

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All products on our website are our version and impression of the designer products. We use top quality ingredients to create your favorite designer scent at a fraction of the cost. 

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